2011 Events (as of 2-17-11)

March 13th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
April 9th. - Spring Drill at Log Cabin, Sharpsville, Pa. Military Max Effort
April 10th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
April 30 - May 1 - Carnegie GAR event ( 9th. Pa. to host )
May 14 - 15th. - Stonehouse Spring Rally Unit Max Effort
May meeting to be held Sat. May 14th. at 6:30pm.
May 22nd. - Vietnam Veterans Service, Mercer 2:00pm.
May 28 - 29th. - Burton, Ohio Old Century Village
May 30th. - Mercer Memorial Day Parade , Mercer Unit Max Effort
June 3 - 5th. - Philippi, West Virginia Blue and Gray Reunion Unit Max Effort
June 11th. - Fallen Heroes ( more to come )
June 12th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
June 17 - 19th. - Old Bedford Village, Bedford ( Reb )
July 15 -17th. - Victorian Days, Mercer, Pa. Unit Max Effort
July Meeting will be held Sunday at 1:15pm.
July 23 - 24th. - 150th. 1st. Manassas, Virginia USV / Unit Max Effort
Aug. 6 - 7th. - Civil War road Show, Kittanning
Aug. 13 - 14th. - Attica Arcade Train Raid, New York ( Reb )
Aug. 19 - 21st. - Stonehouse Summer Event Unit Max Effort
August Meeting to be Held at Event
Sept. 11th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
Sept. 17 - 18th. - Zoar, Ohio Battle on the Ohio Erie Canal
Sept. 24 - 25th. - DelGrosso Park, Altoona
Oct. 1 - 2nd. - Perryopolis, Pa. Cold Harbor
Oct. 9th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
Oct. 14 16th. - Cedar Creek, Virginia USV Max Effort
Oct.27 - 28th. - Stonehouse Halloween Trail
Nov. 11th. - Veterans Day Parade, Location TBD
Nov. 13th. - 10th. Pa. Business Meeting 1:15pm.
Nov. 18th. - Monument Cleanup Gettysburg, Pa.
Nov. 19th. - Remembrance Day Parade, Gettysburg, Pa.
Dec. 9 - 11th. - Stonehouse Christmas Weekend Unit Max Effort
Dec. Meeting to be held after the dinner Sat.


Scheduled talks to date.
May 10th - Mohawk Schools 5th grade, morning program, large class - need lots of help (4 to 5 stations)

May 12th - Commodore Perry - One hour starting at 11:30 (Dave Robinson Sr. and Jr. have this one covered) 40 kids.

June 1st - New Wilmington 5th grade, all day, large class - need lots of help (4 to 5 stations)

June 3rd - Slippery Rock - 8th grade - late morning two sessions, done around 1:00 pm and on to Philippi WV

Jamestown is early May - I need to confirm date yet.

Grove City
West Middlesex
 Chris had mentioned Mercer this year but I do not have any information at this time.
 Grove City and West Middlesex usually contact me mid March so still early.

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